Fourth of July


The colour and form of Fourth of July cry out celebration. The blooms are reminiscent of the fireworks which form part of the Independence Day celebrations.  Its name is very apt.

Fourth of July is a large-flowered rose which features profuse clusters of sweetly scented, semi-double red and white striped blooms of 9-16 petals.  The striped blooms are classified as red blends.

It has been noted that in cooler weather the variegation is stunning but, in the heat of summer, the flowers turn dark red with more faint variegation.  I must admit I haven’t noticed this but I will keep a sharper eye out this summer. I may not have noticed it because my Fourth of July has its main flush in spring; for the rest of the season, it usually only sports a few blooms.  I have read reports of the bush blooming prolifically throughout the season, but this is not the case with my Fourth of July.

Fourth of July has a lovely fragrance.  It is described, alternatively, as having a fruity or spicy/sweet apple fragrance.

Fourth of July is a climbing rose – I have mine planted against one of my water tanks.  It does not receive much attention and is not watered often yet is still doing very well. I would not describe it as vigorous, but it is holding its own next to the excessively vigorous New Dawn.  Further, it has disease-resistant deep-green foliage which sets off to perfection the superb, brightly coloured blooms.  The only criticism made of Fourth of July is that it is very thorny.

I like Fourth of July very much. It is fun and it makes me smile.  What more could one ask from a rose?


Fourth of July is classified as a Floribunda rose.  It was bred by Tom Carruth (United States) in 1999.  Fourth of July was introduced in Australia by Swane’s Nursery, in 2000, as ‘Climbing Fourth Of July’.


14 thoughts on “Fourth of July

  1. Dear Glenda, please forgive me for not visiting, for some reason I have not been receiving your updates. I have ‘followed’ you now. Stunning, stunning flowers!

    • Hi Gail, It is very healthy. I think it might get a wee bit of black spot in autumn but I haven’t noticed any. I certainly haven’t sprayed it for anything.

  2. You have some of the most beautiful roses Glenda. I wish that I had as much luck with mine, although I admit that I forget to give mine much attention. That said, these spreading roses bushes I put in a few years ago & got for cheap are thriving.

  3. Besides the fact that it’s gorgeous that it “does not receive much attention and is not watered often yet is still doing very well” makes it very attractive. I’ve suggested to the G.O. an arbour over our back step that goes nowhere. Fourth of July would be lovely on it 🙂

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