It’s official, I am addicted!


How cool do these look?

I used exactly the same recipe and technique as my first foray into soap making except just before it was ready to pour into the mould I added one teaspoon of cinnamon and three 15mil tablespoons of ground rolled oats and mixed them in with a few whizzes of the stick blender.  The cinnamon produced the wonderful colour and the rolled oats are supposed to act as a mild scrubbing agent that helps exfoliate dry skin. I figure it will be perfect for my gardener’s hands.

I used a bit of poly pipe with a cap at one end as the mould.   Maus bought the cap at the local hardware shop. (They gave her the bit of pipe.) I lined both with baking paper.

Once I had poured the soap into the pipe, I sealed it with plastic wrap and an elastic band.  I then wrapped it up in a couple of towels.

It was pretty easy to get the soap out of the pipe.  I just took the cap off and pushed the soap with a pusher (which Maus made) until it started moving.



20 thoughts on “It’s official, I am addicted!

  1. Of course it is a good thing – Ying and yang can be thought of as complementary (instead of opposing) forces interacting to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the parts. Wikipedia interpretation!

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