Madam President


Another pink beauty.  Madam President, or Madame President as it is also called, is a Floribunda rose with large Hybrid Tea-style flowers.

Botanica’s Roses describes Madam President as having ‘one of the loveliest flowers of any rose’.  It continues, ‘The buds are beautifully shaped and open slowly to very full blooms of  camellia like perfection…”.  Someone writing for Botanica sure likes Madam President, and I can understand why.

The blooms are soft rose pink with a cream base. They have a lovely, if light, fragrance.  The blooms are produced singularly or in small clusters and repeat well.

My books note that Madam President has a tendency to black spot.  I checked mine today and there is no black spot in sight. My books also advise that Madam President is suited to warm, dry climates – maybe that is why mine is performing so well.

Madam President, supposedly, lasts well in a vase but from my experience this is not the case.  I find the cut flowers and buds have a tendency to droop.

Madam President was bred by McGredy, New Zealand, in 1975.  The name commemorates the jubilee of the New Zealand Country Women’s Association.



8 thoughts on “Madam President

  1. Lovely rose, and great name, evocative of the steroeptypical image of its inspiration – powdered, perfumed, cardiganed, floral hued, aproned inspiration 🙂

  2. Yes, you do favor your pink roses, Glenda. I must admit, though, with roses as pretty as this, how could you not? This is another gorgeous rose and a beautiful part of your collection.

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