Lisa’s Kunefe Walnut and Cinnamon Syrup Muffins

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Last month, Lisa, the Goumet Wog, made this absolutely fabulous dessert.  As soon as I read her post, I knew I was going to give them a go.  Before I could, I had to buy a packet of Kataifi pastry which meant waiting until the next time I went to Kakulas Sister in Nollamara. I was hopeful they would have it and they didn’t disappoint.  Once I had the pastry, it took me a couple of weeks before I got around to making them.

Here is a link to Lisa’s post.

As Lisa indicated in her post, these are absolutely delicious.  Lisa suggested waiting an hour after pouring the syrup over them before indulging.  Uhh … I don’t know how she was able to wait that long – two were gone within five minutes of them coming out of the oven!

These amazingly delicious desserts were quite simple to make.  The hardest part was getting the walnut mixture in the centre of the pastry. Lisa’s instructions are to fold in the sides of the pastry and then roll.  There was no way that was happening.  I didn’t have nice long threads like Lisa did.   My pastry was more of a blob.  The best I could do was to gather the pastry up in a ball whilst trying to poke the walnut mixture in towards the centre.  Considering the inelegance of my technique, they turned out remarkably well.

If you like baklava and similar desserts, you will love these.

Thanks, Lisa.


15 thoughts on “Lisa’s Kunefe Walnut and Cinnamon Syrup Muffins

  1. These look gorgeous, and sceptical of your assurance of ‘quite simple’ because they look so fancy, I checked out Lisa’s post, and hmmm when I come across a packet of Kataifi pastry I may just be inspired 🙂

    • Oh Ella you won’t be sorry though I did find the rolling up part difficult. I am going to cup the pastry in my hand, put the walnut mixture in the middle and the seal it, next time

  2. hey they look fabulous!! I think the secret to getting the long strands really is to pry and separate the strands as you add the butter as gently as you can. Regardless, the taste stays the same and yours look SO good!! xx
    Watch the kilo’s just melt off now 😉

    • Hi Lisa, I feel lighter already!! I reckon you could take some pastry in your hand, cup it, put some walnut mixture in the middle and then seal the top.

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