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The first rose of the season is here!  Crépuscule is a favourite of many and that is how I came to have it.  My sister, Vickie, was singing its praises, my ears pricked up and, before I knew it, I had one.

I have read that in warm climates, no climbing rose enjoys more acclaim than Crépuscule.  But I am not a big fan of Crépuscule.  It only has one fault but it is one that really annoys me – it holds its dead flowers on the bush which makes it look untidy.  In all other ways, Crépuscule is a perfect rose.

Crépuscule is classified as a Noisette, Climbing, Old Garden Rose.  Noisette roses originated in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, when a rice farmer combined the characteristics of the China roses with the Moss roses.

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Crépuscule is an extremely popular rose because of its great vigour and health and the abundance of flowers.  It is the first to bloom in spring and the last still blooming in winter.  Throughout the season, you will never see the bush without a flower.  The flowers are shades of gold and salmon, with blushes of pink.  Crépuscule translated means ‘twilight’ which reflects its colour extremely well.  The flowers are semi double, informal in shape and fragrant.

The foliage is healthy and light green with the young growth being tinged bronze.  It is almost thornless.  It remains evergreen in warm climates.

My Crépuscule has been trained against my water tank.  It can also, reportedly, be left to form a thick hedge that does not need pruning or it can be pruned for a more formal hedge.

It was bred by Dubreuil of France and introduced in 1904.

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11 thoughts on “Crépuscule

  1. What a beautiful rose – I love the colour – and the deadheads don’t bother me. I have a tank I’d love to cover, so will look into this variety and the Mutabilis. Last year we planted a climbing rose, and last weekend saw the first flowers – much excitement! And, our standard champagne coloured rose turned itself into a crimson climber. So we may as well go with the trend I think 😉

  2. The color is beautiful & I would love to get more roses in my own yard. A few years ago I grabbed some discount groundcover roses and have been amazed at how hardy they are. They’ve really spread and I’ve got blooms from spring through the fall.

  3. This is a real beauty, Glenda, and I’m going to tell my neighbor about it. Her pride and joy, a white climber, died 2 years ago and the woman still mourns the loss. It was a special rose, just like this one. She’s going to love this. Thank you! 🙂

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