The trials of a blogger

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Writing a blog for me is just a hobby.  Something to keep my active mind busy in retirement and to encourage my hobbies of cooking, gardening and photography but …   those who know me know that I am a little bit intense and a wee bit obsessive.

I do worry when more than a few days have passed and I have nothing about which to write a post.  I regularly check out my cookbooks and magazines for something new to make.  I photograph everything I make, just in case it’s a winner.

But some days, I just can’t be bothered.  Some days, we have leftovers and some days the meal is not something to write home a post about.

When a meal tastes great, I just hope there is one photo from those I took that is good enough for a lead photo.  Curries are a blogger’s nightmare.  They invariably taste great but are bloody hard to photograph.  Worse still is a fab photo and an ever-so-disappointing meal.  You can always do a post with a not-so-good photo but a great photo and a not-so-good recipe is another thing altogether.

I do not know what I was thinking when I decided to try a recipe for Thai Fish Cakes that had Arborio rice, cheddar and parmesan cheese in them.  In my defence, I don’t think I got as far as the parmesan cheese.  I saw the Arborio rice and thought, “Why not, rice is rice”, but ⅔ cup of tasty cheddar and freshly grated parmesan is just ridiculous when combined with coconut cream, lemongrass, sweet chilli sauce, etc.  I just want to know where the chef went to school?

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And then there was the Golden Cheese and Ham Puff.   I have guests coming to lunch on Friday and I was trying to decide what to make them.   I remembered making this dish years ago and someone, somewhere, being very impressed with my prowess so I went searching through my cookbooks to locate the recipe.  Eventually, I found it (with the help of Eat Your Books) but then I had this nagging feeling that I had made it a second time and it wasn’t quite so impressive.  I decided against making it for my guests.  I thought I would try it out (after so many years) on Maus and me.  Let’s just say that I am glad I did.  My friends will be getting a tried and true recipe instead.

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And then there was Jamie Oliver’s Mighty Meaty Stifado.  Nothing wrong with the photo here and it sure tasted good but then I realised I have already posted a Stifado recipe and it is not a particularly popular post.  Clearly, my readers are not in need of another stifado recipe.

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And then there was my success at tempering milk chocolate.  Photo OK, taste good, (bloody good, really) but how many times can I tell you I am a smarty pantz because I can now temper chocolate?  Not too often, I think …. that was the end of that prospective post.

So, alas, I have nothing to write about and it is irking me a wee bit.  But don’t worry, the tried and true recipe we are making for our friends later in the week may prove a worthwhile subject.  I will endeavour to get a good photo.  In the mean time, have a good week.


18 thoughts on “The trials of a blogger

  1. I likes this post! I think generally speaking its good to read things that simply come from the heart, even though they can be about a small thing.. I also liked Celia’s answer to you and loved your tempered milk chocolate… have you [posted one yet? I keep reading and re reading Celia’s tempering notes and i am too nervous to give a go…

    • Hi Lara, My tempering has been hit and miss but we have loved eating the results. I am still trying different techniques to work out what method suits me the best and I can handle 😦 I am having another vacant week at the moment. Life is just getting in the way of a good post!!

  2. Darling, blogging for you and I is a HOBBY. That means it has to stay fun – we all occasionally run out of things to say, but that’s because we’re all trying to write meaningful posts. I gave up on that a few years back – when I’ve got something on my mind, the posts write themselves, but other times I just post about whatever it is that excites me. Sometimes that’s a lemon (literally, not figuratively), or a plant, or a Doctor Who exhibit. Ages ago when I started blogging, someone told me that “as a blogger”, I needed to “figure out what my focus was and stick to it”. Well, that’s true I guess if you’re a blogger who wants to “monetize” their blog. But I just like writing about whatever makes me happy!

    And can I just add, your chocolate looks absolutely fabulous – where’s the blogpost for that one? 😉

  3. I’ve a file of photos of pics that will never make it to the blog. The problem is that the associated recipes have to be re-made in order to try another photo shoot. And none are curries. Those are near impossible to photograph. On the other hand, I do agree with Lisa. You can post all of the photos of chocolate that you like. You won’t even need to provide commentary. I doubt I’d read it anyway, my eyes being focused on the chocolate. 🙂

  4. Glenda, I’d be very happy if you just put up a photo of chocolate when you lack inspiration. Interesting that you don’t want to make out you’re a smarty pantz because you can temper chocolate as I often worry that’s how blogging comes over – look at me, look how clever I am. Sometimes, it’s just best not to think too hard about it.

  5. I’m really with you on the curries |~ in fact any stew, really. A bowl of brownish bits is difficult to make look attractive, however good it may taste.

    The other thing that throws me off my stride is when I cook something, photograph it and start to write it up and then . . . . . . The next morning a hundred other bloggers are posting the same dish. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration but it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

    Thanks for posting your feelings, I sometimes feel I’m the only one with nothing to say.

    • Hi Pat, it is amazing how you can have a post ready and then someone in your close circle has done a very similar post. I have to remind myself that my post is primarily read by friends and relies who do not frequent other blogs and, in any event, it doesn’t matter.

  6. I enjoyed this post… making something out of nothing is a great talent 🙂 And, I empathise… blogging is a hobby for me also, and I love good food – I see your comments on Fig Jam & Lime Cordial’s blog… but I try to write posts about life and end up resorting to posts about food because sometimes in my mundane 9-5 existence food is the only interesting thing going on. And of course I didn’t intend my blog to be a food blog, as it’s certainly not an area of expertise although via others’ blogs I’m improving. It seems what inspires me to write is anything I feel I shouldn’t. I also only use my own photos, and some for posts it takes longer to sort that than the words.

  7. See, that’s where you and I differ – when I would go days without inspiration for a new post, I’d just assume it was god’s way of giving me a day or so off my blogging duties! Don’t worry about it.

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