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This is not a recipe, just something I learned not so long ago that I thought I would share.  I know I run the risk of people thinking I am a wee bit handicapped but, alas, that is the risk I have decided to take.

When cooking for two there are always leftovers as most recipes serve 4 or even 6.  Some meals taste better the next day, some a lot better, but one dish that does not reheat well is risotto.   It usually ends up gluggy.

I regularly make Spinach and Walnut Risotto.  Here is the link to the recipe, if you are interested. The trouble with the recipe is, it makes enough for 4-6.  We usually have it for dinner the first night and then for lunch the next two days.  By the time we have finished it, neither of us wants to eat risotto ever again.

Now, here is the thing.  I did not realise, until recently, that Arancini is essentially cold risotto rolled into a ball, coated in flour, egg and breadcrumbs then deep fried.

After a lovely meal of risotto the other night but with the dread of two more lunches to come, I was relieved when this snippit of information surfaced in my brain.

It was very simple to make the balls and deep fry them and they tasted great.  Not at all like leftovers.

We had risotto for dinner one night, Arancini and salad the next and Arancini for lunch for two more days.  Maybe we should have frozen some of the Arancini…

Next time you make risotto and have some left over, consider making Arancini.  Next night’s dinner will be totally different from the night before and with very little additional effort.

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Yes, I know it is criminal to eat Arancini with tomato sauce but Maus does like her tomato sauce… and it was homemade.


7 thoughts on “Arancini

  1. Arancini are a great way to re-purpose risotto, Maureen, and as you noted, not at all difficult to prepare. I have them so rarely, mainly because I don’t normally have enough leftover risotto to justify frying up arancini. Maybe I should just make more risotto with the intent of making arancini later on. 🙂

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