Ambridge Rose

IMG_3060 copy

Ambridge Rose is another David Austin beauty.  Those who check out these ‘Rose of the Week’ posts, regularly, are sure to see a pattern emerging.  This is my type of rose.

Ambridge Rose is a member of David Austin’s Leander Group.  At last count, I had 14 so there are more to come.  (See also Jubilee Celebration, Benjamin Britten, Grace & Pat Austin.)  As I have previously mentioned, all roses in this Group have Aloha (bred by Boerner in 1949) as the foundation parent.  This group includes some beautiful roses, therefore, Aloha must have had some pretty good genes.

Ambridge Rose flowers are cupped at first and then open into a loose rosette.  The flowers change from a delicate apricot to a more delicate apricot-pink, paling even further towards the outer edges.

IMG_3049 copy Ambridge Rose is a short, upright rose about one metre tall and broad.  It has medium sized leaves which are dark green and glossy.

It is described as a good, reliable and healthy rose that flowers freely and continually.

IMG_3066 copy

Ambridge Rose has a magnificent perfume.  Those with a good nose will recognise it as myrrh fragrance but I am not that discerning.

IMG_3076 copy

Ambridge Rose was named after the village in BBC Radio 4’s The Archers.

Ambridge Rose was introduced, in 1990, by David Austin.


12 thoughts on “Ambridge Rose

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  3. Hi Glenda, I am new to your site, just found it tonight. Congrats on a great site. Thrilled to find it was local for me! We live in Australind and have family in Balingup so we are there every week or 2 (love Balingup esp in winter!). Would love to see your roses. My favs are Bonica, Just Joey, Angelface and I love my Lili Marlene. Duet is my most free flowering rose (apart from ubiquitious Iceberg, Seduction pretty good too) and Dearest is pretty. I share your passion for roses and cooking, although with 3 little boys and work it is hard to fit as much in as I would like! Email me if you are interested in catching up one weekend down south. Simon

    • Hi Simon. Great to hear from you. My roses are beginning to slow down. They are so much nicer in spring and summer. I am going overseas soon and won’t be in Bridgetown much before then. Lets keep in contact via the blog and arrange a get together later in the year. Out of your list, I would go with Bonica (it is up there as one of my favourite roses).

    • Thanks Siobhan. The rose of the Rose of the Week posts have really made me stop and look at each rose. When you do that, you really get to realise just how beautiful some are.

  4. If I ever visit you remind me to make it in rose blooming time. My mother used to grow roses in WA and even managed to grow some in the Northern Territory but mine have only lasted 2 years in Brisbane so I gave up.

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