IMG_6845 copy1I think Athena is a stunner!

Athena is a Hybrid Tea rose. Its blooms are large, double and high centred.  The blooms are a beautiful clear white edged with crimson pink. Each bloom has over 30 petals.  Alas, there is very little scent.

Athena bears long flowering stems which primarily carry just one bud, making it perfect as a cut flower and, as an added bonus, the blooms last ages in the vase.  The bloom below lasted a week.  That’s as good as it gets for roses.

I was surprised to read that Athena is primarily grown commercially in  greenhouses.   Of course, those lucky enough to live in a place with a climate like Perth (hot dry summers) can grow Athena in their garden and pick their own.

IMG_3044 copy

The plant is of average height and quite robust but I did notice, now that autumn is here,  mine does have black spot. I am guessing that it did in spring as well, but I can’t remember that far back.

IMG_3085 copy

Athena was introduced by Kordes, Germany 1984.


13 thoughts on “Athena

  1. Hi there, is it possible to get this as a whole plant / bush here in the UK? My pet husky was called athena and died yesterday i would like this as a memorial plant.

    • Hi Robin, so sorry to about your Athena. I am in Australia, so I don’t know whether you can buy Athena in the UK but you should be able to. It is a very popular rose.

  2. Wow, Glenda! This is one beautiful rose, its pink adding a delicate quality to the blooms. By end of Summer, blackspot invaded a few of my bushes, too, last year. I spent this week replacing the old mulch in an effort to stop its return.
    I was wondering, Glenda, if you know anything of the Australian Floribunda, Burgundy Iceberg? I’ve read the descriptions and wondered if you’ve personal knowledge. I’ve a spot in a bed that’s open and I find the the color of this rose to be really beautiful. Thank you.

    • Hi John
      Iceberg is THE most planted rose in Perth. Every garden designer bulk plants them in every garden they do. Of course, there is a reason they do this. In our climate, the rose flowers all year round with masses of blooms and needs no care whatsoever. Everything I read suggests that Burgundy Iceberg’s growth habits are exactly the same as its parent. I have seen all the sports of Iceberg mass planted together (which looked absolutely stunning) and their form was identical. I have read, however, that Iceberg is not as tough in cooler climates as it is in hot dry climates, but I guess you have checked that out.

      • Thank you, Glenda. I’ve a garden center nearby and their catalog states the Burgundy Iceberg will grow in Zone 5, my climate. I thought I’d check with you before contacting them. The color is what caught my eye. I’ll let you know if I do purchase one. Thank you again for your help.

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