Apricot Gem

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Apricot Gem is a Floribunda rose.  It is a low growing rose with double, intense, apricot blooms that are borne in clusters.

As its height at maturity is low, it is ideal for a patio or at the edge of a garden bed.

The plant, reportedly, does best in warm, dry conditions, which are exactly the conditions I have, so that is lucky.  My books advise, however, that it is not strong in cold, damp climates where it has poor resistance to disease and needs care and attention throughout the season to keep it flowering and growing well.   Ironically, it is in these conditions that the most intense coloured blooms are to be found … though I have no complaints with the intensity of colour I get.

Apricot Gem was released by Delbard and Chabert (France) in 1978.

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