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Pomponella is a Floribunda rose with dark pink, rounded flowers that have an old fashioned look to them.  The plant was actually named for its pompom-like flowers.  Pomponella also has gorgeous, plump, round buds.

The blooms are quite small, about 5 cm across and open out flat.  They have more than 40 petals.  The flowers have very little scent.

Pomponella sends up long, arching canes, up to 60cm in length, on which the large flower clusters form.  The canes would be better if I staked them but, alas, I never get around to it so the clusters tend to end up parallel to the ground.  It is for this reason, notwithstanding the gorgeous buds and cute flowers, that Pompenella is not one of my favourite roses.

The flower clusters, reportedly, carry five to seven blooms but the clusters on my plant are much bigger than this.  The one I picked for these photos had about 20 buds.  The bush nearly always has 2 to 3 clusters on it.

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The bush is very short.  It, supposedly, reaches about 80cm in height.  Mine is no-where near this.  It is more like a ground cover rose at about 30cm.

Pomponella is unusually healthy. The dense, dark green, glossy foliage is mildew and black spot resistant.

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Pomponella was introduced by Kordes (Germany) and released in Australia in 2009.


8 thoughts on “Pomponella

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  3. Wow! The blooms have so many petals, Glenda, that large bloom in the first photo looks like a peony about to open. It’s a surprise to learn how small they actually are. And 20 buds!!! No wonder it’s not a tall bush. The poor thing is using all of its energy to make blooms. 🙂

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