Blueberry Hill

IMG_1994 copyBlueberry Hill is a Floribunda Rose.

Blueberry Hill produces clusters of large, semi-double (12-15 petals) lilac blooms.  They have a lovely, fruity fragrance with, supposedly, a hint of apple but, try as I might, I can’t recognise any apple. Blueberry Hill also, reportedly, produces decorative hips but I must be too efficient at dead-heading my bush as I have never noticed.  It repeat flowers throughout the season.

Blueberry Hill has exceptionally large, long, pointed buds which I find particularly beautiful.  Just check out the photo below.

Trevor Cochran and Neville Passmore in their book, The Rose: Latest and Greatest, list Blueberry Hill under the heading Plant in groups for effect, rapid reblooming with exceptional bush performance and colour range. That is a pretty good rap.

IMG_2740 copy copy

Blueberry Hill is a medium sized, upright, well-branched bush.  It grows to about 130cm tall and up to 90cm wide.  It is bushy and almost thornless.  The foliage is semi-glossy, dark green and dense.

IMG_2735 copy

Blueberry Hill’s disease resistance is described as ‘great‘ and is, reportedly, consistent in all climates.  It certainly does well in the hot, dry Western Australian summers.

IMG_2789 copy

Blueberry Hill was bred by Tom Carruth (USA) and introduced in 1997.


2 thoughts on “Blueberry Hill

  1. This is another beauty, Glenda. I don’t pay much attention to descriptions of the hips. Like you, I dead-head the bushes far too often to notice. I, too, have had problems picking up the scent as described for a particular rose. Some descriptions are right on the money but others leave me scratching my head. That’s allright. I choose a rose for its blooms. If it happens to have a nice fragrance, that’s icing on the cake.
    I must say, your rose garden must be spectacular. You’ve shared photos of some real beauties!

    • John, You are always generous with your compliments! To be honest, if they have a fragrance, they smell nice; if they don’t, it’s a pity. That’s really as far as my nose takes it:)

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