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Flamingo will interest lovers of exhibition-style Hybrid Tea roses.

Flamingo has large, long, pointed buds that open slowly to well-formed, exhibition-style, double blooms with 25 thick petals.  The high-centred blooms are, generally, borne  singly on thick stems, perfect for the vase.

Flamingo was aptly named; the flowers really are the colour of a flamingo.  They are soft pink, with a hint of salmon, and a deeper pink in the centre.  There is a slight fragrance.  The plant repeat blooms very quickly.

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The foliage is matt mid-green, the growth habit is vigorous and upright, growing to about 1.4 metres.  The plant is, reportedly, susceptible to mildew in autumn in cool climates but is fine in our hot, dry weather.

All my books also note that it is very thorny.  To be honest, I haven’t noticed.  I guess I just expect roses to be thorny.

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Flamingo was bred by Kordes and introduced in 1979.


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  1. Have no idea why we can’t comment anymore… but still love seeing what you are doing. The biscuits looked fab. Hope you’re all well. Sue & Patti & Tillee X

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