IMG_2340 copyIt is quite interesting.  When I want to find out information about a rose I intend to feature as Rose of the Week, my first port of call is my books.  Sometimes, a rose does not feature at all (the reason may be that it is a recent release or it just may be that there are so many rose cultivars, they can’t all feature).  At the other end of the spectrum are the roses that feature in every book.  Friesia is one such rose.

The astute out there will have noticed that this is the first yellow rose to feature in Rose of the Week.  The truth is, I only have one yellow rose.  You see, I am not a yellow girl.  I have Friesia because it was a gift from Maus’ sister-in-law, Bronwyn.

Friesia is a Floribunda Rose.  It goes by the name of “Sunsprite” in America.

Friesia is one of the most popular yellow Floribundas of all time.  The well-formed flowers usually come in small clusters and they are a very clear, rich, mid-yellow that holds well.  There is a strong, sweet scent and the repeat is reliable.   Friesia is an exception to the rule that fragrance in yellow Modern Roses is accompanied by splashes of red.

Friesia’s foliage is dark green, glossy and healthy, and disease resistant which is unusual as yellow roses normally have a tendency to black spot.

The bush is, supposedly, vigorous and bushy.  To be honest, my Friesia doesn’t fit this desription.  It may be that it is a grafted standard and it is a hard life for a standard rose in the country. Maybe it would be stronger if it was a bush rose.

The flowers drop their petals early which keeps the bush neat but it is not so suitable for picking.

Friesia is, reportedly, one of the very best cluster-flowering yellow roses for Australian gardens.  I can’t confirm this because mine is really struggling.

IMG_2325 copy For many years, Friesia has been the leading yellow Floribunda Rose.

Friesia was introduced by Kordes (Germany) in 1977.  It was named after the Danish province famous for its butter.

IMG_2270 copy


6 thoughts on “Friesia

  1. Hi Glenda…Today is one of those days when you get genuinely excited to be alive!!(Have to say NOT an un common feeling for me generally speaking!).Life is just so very strange/beautiful sometimes.
    Started with a letter from a long lost friend whom I was just thinking of..wondering where she was now! Then ,out of the blue,a card from my daughter telling me how proud she is of me & how much she loves the woman I am!! :}}..then went looking for information on capers @ work( Hillview Garden Centre),found this great log from an obviously passionate woman…from Perth!! How bizarre ..out of all the web wide world.. Spends time down South??? In Bridgetown!!! Like I said life IS strange. I moved to Bridgetown a few years ago from Margaret River.
    In short am very excited to know there are people like yourself & Maus out there.
    I’m a founding member of Margaret River Slow Food & have wide background in food & wine.
    Would love to meet up sometime,(I’ll bring the wine if you like!)
    You have my email.Look forward to hearing from you
    Trish Durham

  2. This a beauty, Glenda, though I think we’re of the same mind. I’ve a yellow rose and it, too, is beautiful. I’m just not inclined to replace it with another yellow should it not survive one of our Winters. WIth so many dazzling roses to choose from, yellow just doesn’t do it for me.

    • Hi John, I’m primarily a pink girl, though, I do love the cafe coloured roses. My favourite coloured rose is Julia’s Rose followed closely by Jubilee Celebration. Like you say, there are so many to choose from we can be very particular.

  3. Hi Glenday

    How come we can’t comment on your web when I click on comment!!!!!!!!

    What a stunning rose?????????

    • Hi Patti or Sue – you just did!!! I really don’t know why you can’t comment, it should be really easy (and I just thought you didn’t love me:)). What happens when you try. I will see what I can do from this end.

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