Honey Dijon

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In my humble opinion, Honey Dijon is an unremarkable rose in every respect except one.  Its unusual colouring.  It is descibed, in the catalogues, as a warm golden brown but, to me, the description of mustard that its name conjures up, is more accurate.

When walking through my rose garden, its colour usually stops me in my step. Honey Dijon reportedly develops deeper shades in cool climate.  It is terribly hot here at the moment and all my mature flowers have faded to a dull cream.  I am not certain whether it is the weather or just a tendency for the flowers to fade with age.

Honey Dijon has been described as a similar colour to Julia’s Rose but a much tougher bush.  Notwithstanding Honey Dijon’s unusual colour, I prefer Julia’s Rose colouring.

Honey Dijon is a Hybrid Tea rose.

The flowers are formal-shaped, with a nice sweet perfume.  The bush is quite small and is disease resistant.

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Honey Dijon was bred by James A Sproul, USA, in 2003.  It was released in Australia in 2006.


8 thoughts on “Honey Dijon

  1. I saw this rose once, at a plant nursery in southwestern Connecticut, back in 2011. I had just started trying to grow roses, beginning with a Strike It Rich and a Golden Showers. I loved the unusual look of Honey Dijon…so I made a mental note to buy it the next year, when I would be better financially equipped to grow a variety of roses…but in 2012, and since, I haven’t been able to find it in the United States. Why did this rose disappear? It is an amazing golden tan with reddish pink blushes here and there on the edges. It seems to be sold in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia…but not in the US. Every year I look for it…and every year it’s only available in places I can’t go…and I long for it. Unremarkable it may seem in most aspects to the blog owner, but to me, it’s become the rose that got away.

  2. I cannot find it in the US. I had one at our old house and would love another. Any ideas of where to find some. I find them really beautiful especially when paired with roses that are complimentary to it such as Distant Drums.

  3. There are so many beautiful roses available today. This Honey Dijon is a perfectly beautiful rose but, in today’s market, there are so many that are more beautiful. In your photo, I think this is a very pretty rose. I imagine the poor thing suffers, though, when seen in a garden of roses.

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