Comtes de Champagne

IMG_1703 copy

Comtes de Champagne is a David Austin rose.  It is a member of the English Musk Group.

The blooms are described, in my books, as a rich yellow but that doesn’t seem quite right to me.  To my mind, they start out a soft gold and then quickly fade to a very pale peach.  There are, usually, young golden flowers and more mature pale peach flowers on the bush at one time which makes the bush very attractive.

The blooms are open and deeply cupped, with exposed deep yellow stamen.

IMG_1738 copyComtes de Champagne’s fragrance is described as honey and musk.  To be honest, it just smells mighty fine to me.

The growth is wide and bushy and extremely healthy.

Comtes de Champagne is not that great as a cut rose.  Today: golden buds; tomorrow: perfect cupped blooms; and the next day: a fading, droopy, pale peach remnant.

IMG_1742 copy

Comtes de Champagne is not one of David Austin’s more glamorous roses but it has a delicate elegance that I find charming.

IMG_1722 copyComtes de Champagne was named for Taittinger Champagne, in honour of the crusader and troubadour, Thibaud IV, Count of Champagne, who is said to have brought Rosa gallica var officinalis to France.

Comtes de Champagne was introduced in 2001.


12 thoughts on “Comtes de Champagne

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  2. Wow. Glenda. These are stunning. I love how close to nature you and Celia are. I would love to have a garden one day:) I also like your description of the colours… the pale champagne…xx wonderful

    • Hi Celia, I think the word elegant is perfect for this rose. Don’t be fooled, if a rose is bashed about or nibbled at, it does not get photographed:)

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