Benjamin Britten

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Benjamin Britten is a David Austin rose and a member of the Leander Group.  Its intense colouring makes it unusual for a David Austin rose which are normally of a more delicate colour.  Benjamin Britten is an orangey red with a hint of yellow in the central petals.  As it ages, it fades to a dark pink.

The flowers are medium sized and fully double, usually with a button eye.  They are deep-cupped flowers which develop into an open, slightly-cupped rosette.

David Austin roses are renown for their beauty but Benjamin Britten is not one of my favourites.  It is a little too garish for me.   David Austin advises that Benjamin Britten is a useful rose to provide a highlight among other softer coloured David Austin roses.  I have to admit, if grown in close proximity to roses of similar tone but in a softer shade, it would be spectacular.

The bush is a medium to tall grower with vigorous, dense growth.  It, reportedly, grows to 2m by 1.5m. My bush is about 1.5 metres tall and extremely healthy.

David Austin has indicated that it is not as free flowering as, perhaps, he would like.

The rose was named after Edward Benjamin Britten (1913 – 1976), the English composer, conductor and pianist.

Benjamin Britten was introduced in England in 2001 and in Australia in 2003.


9 thoughts on “Benjamin Britten

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  4. This is a beauty, Glenda. Last Summer I ended each of my posts with one of my blooms. Celia mentioned I might enjoy your rose posts. She was so right. Those I’ve seen thus far are stunning. I look forward to doing a little digging into your archives to see more. 🙂

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