McLeod’s Daughters

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McLeod’s Daughters blooms are quite specky.   They are creamy, apricot double blooms, tinged with a coppery reverse. The mature flower is cup-shaped and has an old world charm that I find appealing.  It also has a pleasant, mild fragrance.

The bush is reportedly hardy, disease tolerant and well-clothed with light to mid green glossy foliage but, to be honest, mine is a little spindly, had black spot in spring and  quite sparse foliage.  I have noticed though, now it is getting hotter and drier, the black spot has disappeared and there is a flush of new leaves.

It reportedly grows to 1.5m tall and 0.9m wide.  Mine is nowhere near that size, more like 60cms each way.

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McLeod’s Daughters was a highly successful Australian TV series produced in Gawler, South Australia.

According to the label attached to McLeod’s Daughters:  The rose is a collaboration between the show’s producers and Gawler Health Foundation to support the local community through the Gawler Health Service.

McLeod’s Daughters was released in 2007 by Meilland.


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