Guess what Maus is getting for Christmas?

IMG_1408 copy

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


13 thoughts on “Guess what Maus is getting for Christmas?

  1. We are in kempton tasmania. Just had a big nosh up brekkie. Off to port arthur today to cook chrissie tea. All the best for the season. Luv us. Xxx

    From patti

      • Ha! You’ll laugh – Christmas time is one of the few times of the year when lamb gets priced reasonably here – so it’s roast leg of lamb (Australian, of course) with roasted veggies too (rutabaga, broccoli, potatoes, carrots and onion.), with apple pie afterward.

        Did Maus cut anything down yet? Those things can do major damage to the human body – they demand lots of respect!

        • Hi Doc. Maus hasn’t used it yet- too busy eating and drinking today. She already has a big chainsaw, this one is for pruning branches from trees. She is keen to try it out though, maybe tomorrow.

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