About Face

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About Face is another stunner.  Its petals are a light, golden orange on the inside and a darker, bronzed orange on the outside, giving it a brilliant two-toned effect. Its magnificent colouring is particularly special in that bicolour roses usually have the lighter colour on the outside of their petals and the darker colour on the inside.

About Face flowers are cup-shaped which gives them a very pleasant old-fashioned look, much like a David Austin rose.  The blooms have 26 to 30 petals and are of a medium size.  About Face has very beautiful, pointed, ovoid buds.  The buds show off the dark bronze underside of the petal to wonderful effect.  About Face blooms in flushes throughout the season.

To add to its attributes, About Face has a mild, fruity fragrance.

The bush is amazingly vigorous.  Mine is about 1.5 metres tall and, at least, 1 metre wide.  It has a thick canopy of lush, green leaves and is disease free.  It blends in nicely with my larger David Austin roses.

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About Face is a Grandiflora Rose.  Grandifloras are created by crossing Hybrid Tea roses with Floribunda roses.  They, typically, have larger blooms than Floribundas. They, generally, have single blooms on long stems, much like a Hybrid Tea.  Grandiflora rose bushes range in height from 1.2 to 1.8 metres.

IMG_1200 copyAbout Face was introduced in the US by Weeks in 2005 and in Australia in 2006.


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