Jubilee Celebration

There are so many beautiful roses, it is hard to be discerning and choose one over the other but, every now and again, something about a rose will appeal and make it stand out from the rest.  It is the colour of Jubilee Celebration that distinguishes it from all others.

The colour changes from a deep, peachy pink, with tinges of yellow on the underside of the petals to a soft, dusky pink, as it ages.  It is truly delightful.  Blooms are held above the foliage and produced in amazing quantity. The growth is vigorous and healthy.

Treloar’s brochure describes Jubilee Celebration as one of the finest David Austin roses introduced thus far.  I would agree.

Jubilee Celebration belongs to a group of roses that David Austin has named the Leander Group (Leander is one of Austin’s earliest introductions).  All roses in the group have Aloha (bred by Boerner in 1949) as the foundation parent.  David Austin advises that Jubilee Celebration is one of the best in this group.  He also notes that the fragrance is typical of this group, being strong and fruity, with a hint of fresh lemon and raspberry.

Jubilee Celebration was named to mark the Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  It was introduced in England in 2002 and Australia in 2004.


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