Rosendorf Sparrieshoop

Rosendorf Sparrieshoop is another rose on which there does not appear to be much information.

I have found out that it is a modern shrub rose. I think I have mentioned before that modern garden roses are classified as bush, shrub, climber or miniature.  Most roses you see in gardens are bush roses, ie, hybrid teas and floribundas, though David Austin roses, which are extremely popular, are classified as shrub roses, as is Rosendorf  Sparrieshoop.  Shrub roses are, essentially, a collection of roses that do not fit in other classes.

Rosendorf Sparrieshoop is, reportedly, a medium-sized shrub, though mine is quite short, at about 60cms.

Its flowers are borne on long strong canes in large clusters (just look at the number of buds in the cluster I picked).   I can count about 30 buds and/or flowers to the one cluster.  It would be very stunning if all the buds were in bloom at the same time.

The flowers are semi-double, bright pale pink with 15 wavy petals.  The flowers do tend to fade in hot weather so it may be more suited to cool climates.

It is repeat-flowering and the repeat is good.

Though not a stunner, the plant is strong and resistant to disease and, therefore, a welcome addition to any rose garden.

Rosendorf Sparrieshoop was introduced by Kordes in 1988.  The name celebrates the home town of Kordes Roses.


5 thoughts on “Rosendorf Sparrieshoop

  1. For my tastes, some colors show better when the rose blooms in clusters. This shade of pink is one. And look at all of the unopened buds! I bet it’s beautiful in your garden.

    • Hi John. Some roses mark their place by the sheer number of blooms rather than the beauty of an individual flower. RS is one such rose.

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