Climbing Manita

Climbing Manita is a rose of exceptional quality and beauty so I was surprised when I could find very little information about it.  The only information I found was from Treloar Roses catalogue (where I bought it) and from Kordes, the breeder.  It does not appear in any of my rose books.  I don’t understand why not – as you can see from the photos, it is a stunner.

The semi-double blooms are mid pink with a yellow centre and shining yellow stamen.  The blooms are exceptionally large, up to 12cm in diameter, and are lightly fragrant.  The colour holds and they last well in a vase.  According to Treloars, it is one of the best pink climbers. It reportedly grows to 4 metres; mine is about 2 metres.

Climbing Manita is vigorous, healthy, and very easy to grow. The foliage is dark green and very glossy.

Climbing Manita was bred by Kordes and released in 1996.

10 thoughts on “Climbing Manita

    • Hi Lori, maybe you have a dud :(. Alternatively, it could be your climate, roses like a long hot dry summer, if your weather is too cool or humid it will be unhappy. They are not particularly fussy about the soil but don’t particularly like being in pots. That is all I can think of. Mine gets none of the love you are talking about.

    • Oh no! It would break my heart. Do you still have the tags they came with? If so, that would help to name them. I would tag the ones you know and then, as you recognise one, tag it. I reckon, with perseverance you should be able to name about 70%.

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