Bonica and Mutabilis – a Magnificent Couple

A couple of photos for the rose lovers out there.  Both roses have already starred in Rose of the Week but I wanted to show what beautiful displays they put on.

The top photo is Bonica (here is the link to its post).  Bonica is a beauty.  It must be one of the best roses for garden display.  As I said before, if you only have room for one rose in your garden, consider Bonica.

The bottom photo is Mutabilis (here is the link to its post).  This is just one plant growing against our water tank.  The top soil was removed and replaced with sand to sit the tank on.  It is watered once a fortnight in summer and it is already over the top of the tank.  It is hard to believe it could be so prolific in such circumstances.  If you want hardy, consider Mutabilis.


6 thoughts on “Bonica and Mutabilis – a Magnificent Couple

  1. Hi Glenda
    I am thinking seriously about putting some roses in my front garden behind the small picket fence. As you know I have the moptop tree but the garden faces west for afternoon sun. Would I be better getting patio standards so they are above the picket fence and I can still grow my herbs underneath. Just checked you can buy 60cm stem standards in the Bonica. You have so many wonderful roses I have changed my attitude towards them now. Help!!!

    • Hiya Gail The western sun is no problem, roses love sun. The moptop tree may be a problem. You know my opinion of moptops – pull it out. Why don’t you replace it with a lovely pink crepe myrtle. You should get standards so they pop over the front fence. How cool would that be????

      • So should I get the Bonica in the standards?
        No way am I getting rid of the moptop I love it!! I originally wanted to put 2 on the front verge but the council said no. I rang the council back and asked for approval to buy and plant a Pink Crepe Myrtle instead. The guy came out and said that would be ok, but they would supply and plant a (Lagerstroemia Indica “Sioux”) for me – they are not so bad after all!!
        If I had room I would love to put in a Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum Bloodgood) they have bright red leaves in Autumn and winged fruit.

        • Hiya Gail
          I don’t think Perth is cold enough for a Japanese Maple. The leaves only go red in cold climates. What are the roots of the Moptop like? Will they rob nutrients from the proposed roses? And will it shade your proposed roses? Roses don’t like shade or competition. I have 5 Bonica standards down my drive. The only downside to them is in Autumn they produce long canes. Do you have a footpath along your fence? If so, they may not be the best choice. We are coming back to Perth tomorrow so we can chat.

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