Manou Meilland

Manou Meilland is one of Maus’ favourite roses.  She chose it for a row of standards along our side fence.

The flowers of Manou Meilland are a distinctive, rich, cyclamen pink with silver undersides.  The large, double flowers have 50 petals, are high-centred and shapely.  They appear in small clusters.  The petals have good substance and last well when picked.  Their only downside is there is little fragrance.

Baronne Edmond de Rothschild (Manou’s parent) and Manou are the only two roses this colour.  Both are very popular roses.  Manou Meilland makes an excellent border with Baronne E de Rothschild.  As Manou Meilland’s growth is much shorter, it is best planted at the front.

The repeat is quick and abundant, although it doesn’t match the first spring flush which is absolutely magnificent.  Manou Meilland is one of the first to bloom and, when it does, the whole bush is smothered in blooms.  One fault I have noticed is the large blooms are sometimes so heavy, the stems bend under their weight.

The foliage is dark green and glossy.  I have five Manou Meilland standards and, although the bush is exceptionally healthy, it is not particularly bushy and, therefore, perhaps not the best choice for a standard.  It seems happier as a shrub.

Manou Meilland is a Hybrid Tea rose.  It was bred by Meilland (France) and introduced in 1980.   Manou is the family nickname for Marie-Louisette Meilland.  When a rose bears the name of a family member, you can be assured it is a winner.


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