Vegie Patch Update – October 2012

Remember my vegie patch and my garlic??  The garlic is still there.  It is not doing anything startling.  I did a bit of reading and it seems it is time to give them some high nitrogen fertiliser.  So they got a feed of blood and bone today.  I don’t know when they are supposed to form bulbs but they certainly haven’t done it yet.

Anyway, my garlic has some new friends.

Mint: which is looking amazingly healthy.  We eat a lot of mint so I am hoping it won’t become a problem.  I have even taken a small piece with roots and re-planted it in case we need more than one plant can cope with. 

Parsley:    I bought one pot which, on close inspection, contained about 10 seedlings. I  planted them out separately.  I now have 10 healthy plants from which we are picking  most days.

Silver beet and rainbow chard:  I am not a big fan of silverbeet so I was determined not to have too many plants.  I bought one pot and planted it but, as it grew, it became evident that it was more than one plant – about 10 in fact – so I separated them out.  They are all doing fabulously.  Too well in fact.  I am picking every second or third day.  Because I don’t particularly like it, I am steaming it and adding it to the dogs’ food.  I read that it is very good for them.

I particularly like the look of the rainbow chard. Pretty, aren’t they?

The weeds are from the straw.  They are quite easy to pull up but it is still annoying that they are there.

Red bunching onions:  though they don’t look red.  I am a bit confused by them; they look like ordinary spring onions to me.  I don’t really know what to do with them.  They are supposed to be perennials which multiply – but they don’t appear to be multiplying, just getting bigger.  Does anyone know what I am supposed to do with them?  Maybe I need to be a bit more patient.

And now there is my summer collection…  I bought little seedlings and potted them in Perth.  There are cherry tomatoes, window box Roma tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers (2 of which, since I took this photo, have been pulled up by magpies), basil, oregano, thyme, sage, capsicums and jalapeno chillies.

Here is the sage plant …

and the thyme plant …

and one of the basil plants.  I bought a punnet of basil so I have 8 plants.  That is quite a lot for someone who doesn’t like it. I wasn’t going to plant any but then needed some for a dish and it cost me $2.00 for two little twigs!!  That was it.  I bought the purple variety because that was all that was available.

This is the capsicum plant – the chilli plants don’t look much different so I didn’t bother taking a photo of them.

Say ‘Hello’ to the oregano.  I also bought a punnet of oregano so I am going to be overrun with it.  Luckily, I like dried oregano so it won’t go to waste.

This is one of the window box Roma tomatoes.  They only grow 30-40 centimetres tall and, therefore, don’t need any support.  My sister, Sandra, told me about them .  They are, reportedly, prolific producers for their size.

I also have 4 cherry tomatoes.  Maus is in the process of making a trellis for them because they grow quite tall.

As I am a bit worried about the Lebanese cucumbers the magpies seem to like, I bought a packet of seeds today.  It was quite hard finding the seedlings so I am going to try growing them by seed.  I also bought coriander seeds and rocket seeds. We eat a lot of both and they grow very easily here.

And, just in case my bunching onions don’t turn out to be perennial onions, I bought a packet of spring onion (Toga) seeds.They are red.  I will see how they go.

We have had the garden automatically reticulated so when we are not here, all my babies will get watered.  We have also had the irrigation for the second bed set up.  We just have to make it.

All this, planted on a pile of clay fill, layered with weeds, blood and bone, paper, manure, straw and compost.  If you didn’t read my previous post on how we set it up, here is the link.


11 thoughts on “Vegie Patch Update – October 2012

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  2. Glenda can’t you use those large plastic cool drink bottles and cut off the tops and put over your lebanese seedlings to protect them at least until they get too big for it. It will act like a little hot house and the water will still penetrate the soil. Very frustrating planting something and it gets eaten by birds or insects, but you can’t blame them really they do have to survive.

  3. Your raised beds are impressive! Obvious that lots of work have gone into the project. I smiled to myself when I read that you decided to grow cilantro because it was $2 in the market – if you ever get to the point where you do an analysis of your true garden costs, be ready to be shocked. Saving money isn’t on my list of ‘whys’.

    I’m still waiting for my ‘perennial’ onions to be perennial. Theoretically, on year two of their life, they develop new tiny shoots off the base of the onion bulb – you should be able to dig the whole thing up and separate all the new onions and replant them – sounds good, but as I said, I’m still waiting. I think onions are VERY dependent on their climatic environment, and some kinds do well in one location, and very poorly elsewhere – they are also very seasonally acclimated, and timing is important. I find them (including garlic and leeks) one of the vegetable world’s more complex members.

    Congrats on the garden, and good luck with your onion friends.

    • Hi Doc. I will probably end up eating my perennial onions. I couldn’t possibly wait that long just in case they do what they are supposed to do. I am much too impatient for that. I don’t have high hopes for the garlic but, you never know, ….

      I will be 100 before I break even, considering I had automatic retic put in:). But since I have the garden, I may as well plant what we like to eat.

  4. Oh my. What healthy thriving plants and vegies you have there. I can’t decide which looks the best; the mint; the parsley; the chard – it all looks amazing!! What’s your secret – I think you must sing opera to them or something.

    • Hi Mariana. One thing you must know about me. I cannot sing – not even a wee bit. I am devoid of all musical ability.
      Each morning, I do go out and visit them. I tell them I love them and explain that I have waited a long, long time for a vegie patch and I intend to look after them. Maybe that is the secret:)

  5. I’m going to look for those Roma tomatoes here, we are just starting again with our veggies, lets hope we do better this summer.

  6. Squeeal!! So exciting, Glenda and Maus!!! Isn’t it amazing how quickly it’s all growing! I wish you luck with the garlic – we never manage to grow large corms (never gets cold enough in Sydney) but we’ve guerilla planted the garlic all over the garden, as it seems to make a difference to the pests. We also eat the leaves and shoots, and occasionally pull a baby corm out to use as well.

    If there’s enough water, you’ll always have mint. And I don’t like silverbeet much, but the rainbow chard has been going down a treat here – we take out the centre stem and just use the leaf and everyone seems to eat it without complaining! I’m not sure how the onions multiply, but I’d guess that they’d grow really big, form a big bulb and then make bulbets off that? So it might take a while.

    Thanks for the update – loved reading about it all! Please keep them coming! 🙂

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