I really thought last week’s Rose of the Week would be the last until spring.  Certainly, I didn’t think I would find any Hybrid Teas still producing quality flowers.  But a couple of days ago, I went down to the poor neglected rose garden to start pruning, weeding, mulching, spraying, etc, when I noticed four buds on a tall, upright, healthy looking bush.  I picked the buds. So we have one last Rose of the Week – Violina.

Violina certainly get points for the length of its flowering season.  There was barely a leaf to be seen, let alone a flower.

It always amazes me, in Western Australia, how many months of the year we are blessed  with rose blooms.  By October, we will have the first of the spring flowers.  We are very lucky, indeed.

Violina has very large, soft pink blooms with an intense fragrance.  When I walked into the living room today, I was greeted by their beautiful perfume.  It is truly amazing.   They are high-centred blooms, born on long stems.  They are abundant and recurrent.

The bush is a very disease-resistant, strong, upright plant.  My bush is, at least, 2 metres tall … well, was until I pruned it yesterday.  It has dark glossy leaves.

Violina is a Hybrid Tea rose.  It was bred by Mathias Tantau and introduced by Tantau Roses in 1997.

Rose of the Week will return with the first spring blooms.  Until then, think of me pruning, weeding, mulching and spraying nearly 200 bushes.


8 thoughts on “Violina

  1. Hi, Is there a yellow rose you would recommend for Sunshine Coast qld.
    I need one standard planted beside Mister Lincoln
    What would you suggest?

    My other garden Bush roses nearby are
    Just Joey
    Double Delight
    Perfume Passion
    Blackberry Nip
    Jubilee 150

    Many thanks
    Jenny Newbound

  2. Apparently, either there are no deer in Australia, or at least none in your neighborhood. My attempts, as I may have told you before, to grow roses run afoul of our local deer, which enjoy nothing more than to stroll through our yard biting off every head off every rose bush.

    • Hi Doc No deer here, only kangaroos and rabbits. I think kangaroos can be a problem for people on farms but we don’t have any where we are. We have rabbits galore but they don’t seem to like roses, maybe it’s the prickles. Our main problem is parrots but they don’t seem to like the roses, either. They have been chomping the tops off my garlic so I have just netted them. We all have our burdens to bear.

  3. I want to get some mini roses for my edible flower garden, all I have blooming at the moment are some pansies. Bring on spring!

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