Gone Shopping …

Be back next weekend.

Maus and I are off to Sydney today to go to Chef’s Warehouse and other shopping delights Celia has enticed me with. 

Thanks so much to Jenny and Maureen for looking after Maggie, Lily and Jules.  We are so lucky to have friends who are willing to look after our babies.

BTW, the photo is of white chocolate panna cotta with coffee syrup.  Here is the link to the panna cotta recipe. It was very nice.  My only reservation was that it was a bit firm.  I would reduce the amount of gelatine next time or, better still, use gelatine leaves.    I didn’t use their coffee syrup recipe.  I made some dripolator coffee 4 times the strength I would normally make it and then simmered it down with lots of sugar.  It tasted divine.  I will do it again and post a recipe.

See ya next weekend.


13 thoughts on “Gone Shopping …

  1. Hi there, Hope you both have a lovely time in Sydney. Thanks so much for the lemons and limes, just finished making my marmalade. See you soon, with a jar of marmalade 🙂 xx Sharmila

    • Oh Misky, we bought so much. Much of it was Celia’s fault, of course. Chocolate, vanilla beans, bannetons ……. We had a great time. There are just so many shops in Sydney and it was wonderful that Celia told us where to go. I can’t wait until the next IMK.

  2. This recipe is sooo simple to make, it impresses people as well. Glenda i made these little panna cotta’s for Siennas Christening on sunday and they went down very well.


    • Hi Celia, yes it was ALL your fault and we had a ball. It was fantastic knowing what shops to go to – thankyou. It is so much better than walking around aimlessly. And with that ‘Trade only’ sign on Chef’s Warehouse’ door we may not have even walked in, even if we did know about it. Thanks so much for the lunch date, too. It was lovely meeting you. And thanks for all the goodies in my Show Bag. Everything got home safe and sound (except the 2 little chocolate bars which didn’t get to leave Sydney). You are a very kind and generous person which is evident from your blog. I will make your ciabatta recipe with the flour and report back. Thanks again.

      • Thank you for lunch, it was wonderful to meet you both! Honestly, I had the best time, I would have been happy to sit there chatting all day! Were you happy with the workmanship on the copper pot? And the next time I need to catch a bus somewhere in Sydney, I am going to email you in Perth and ask you which one to get – I can’t believe how well you managed the public transport system! 🙂 xx

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