Foundation is an attractive orange/apricot rose.   It blooms in clusters.  The blooms are double with a slightly cupped centre.  They have a beautiful frilly look. It is free flowering with healthy glossy foliage and a slight perfume. It grows to about 1 metre tall.  It is more or less continuous flowering throughout the year.  It is an excellent cut-flower as it lasts well in the vase.

 Foundation is a Floribunda rose.

Foundation was released in Australia in 2002 in conjunction with the Activ Foundation.   The Activ Foundation is a Western Australian not-for-profit organisation which provides services and support to people with intellectual disabilities.  This rose was released to mark its 50th anniversary.


7 thoughts on “Foundation

  1. Thanks for info – one of only a few sites that describes this rose. Help me find suggests that its correct name is Aphrodite (TANetidor, “Foundation”. I’ve just bought one to add to my 60+ collection – I live in West Australia.

  2. Oh my, … that’s another beauty, isn’t it? Interesting that this one was developed by an organization that serves DD folks – do you have more than passing awareness of that organization, or others like it? I do.

    • No I don’t Doc. Quite often roses in Australia will be released and part of the proceeds from their sale will go to a particular charity – as in this case.

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