Royal Dane

Royal Dane has coral coloured flowers which tend towards pink on the edges.  The flowers have a lovely shape with high centres  They appear on very long stems and last well in the vase which makes Royal Dane a good rose for cutting.  They also have a lovely strong fragrance.

Royal Dane is free flowering over a long period. 

Royal Dane’s growth is vigorous, upright and spreading.  The young foliage is plum red and glossy, maturing to dark bronze green.  It is an excellent bedding rose.  

It has been described by James Young as ‘one of the strongest growing Hybrid Teas’.  He also advises that it can be grown as a climber, if so desired. 

Stirling Macoboy states that Royal Dane grows best, and is most richly coloured, in cool climates yet mine is doing extremely well and has a very pleasing colour, notwithstanding our hot summers.

Royal Dane was bred by Poulsen (Denmark) and was introduced in 1971.  It is Hybrid Tea rose.  It is synonomous with Troika.


4 thoughts on “Royal Dane

    • Hi Helen. Thanks. Sorry, I don’t know. I think I bought it from the Swiss Rose
      Garden but I can’t see it on their list. Ring them they might know where you could get one. Xxx

  1. I love your roses! I think I told you that our climate (too wet) and the roaming deer make it very difficult for us to grow nice roses – I have a few but they always have issues.

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