In My Kitchen – June 2012

In my kitchen are:

you guessed it! POMEGRANATES and lots of them.  This is only a small sample but I am working through them.  Just today, I made another batch of grenadine.  If I make it to the bottom of the pile, I will deserve a reward.

In my kitchen are:

dried pomegranate seeds.  When I was searching my cook books on looking for pomegranate recipes, I came across a number that required dried pomegranate seeds.  So I decided to give it a go.  They took ages to dry in the dehydrator – three days, in fact. 

They didn’t make that much but more than I will probably ever need, unless one of those recipes is a repeater.  This amount is the yield from two pomegranates.

In my kitchen:

were 2 vodka sunrises that I made (for research purposes only) on Celia’s (Fig Jam and Lime Cordial) suggestion.  The grenadine passed the test.  Boris Jelzin?  I have no idea how long he has been in the cupboard. 

In my kitchen:

is my chestnut harvest.  Ok, three is not very many but it is the first year.  We had lots more but when I opened the burrs, they were empty.  This year three … next year, there will be calls for advice on what to do with all my chestnuts.

In my kitchen:

is my chestnut pan in action.  The three chestnuts look very lonely but they will be joined by lots more next year.  Anyway, I am not so sure about chestnuts.  They didn’t taste that good.  Maybe it was my cooking technique.  I will have to hone my skills before next year’s harvest.

In my kitchen:

is my chapatti maker in action.  At long last, it has had its day.  The jury is still out on its usefulness.  I will try again.

Here is a pic of the final chapattis.  We had them with dahl.  Chapattis are atta flour, salt and water cooked on an open flame or on a very hot griddle.

In my kitchen:

is this year’s olive oil harvest.  We got 12 litres from 3 trees.  The birds got the rest but it should be enough to last the year.  The oil is still a bit cloudy in the photo as it hasn’t had time to settle.

In my kitchen:

are the paddles Maus has made me.  If I am baking bread a different shape, I just indicate the dimensions I need and, before long, another paddle enters the kitchen. 

In my kitchen:

is the delightful little bowl we bought in Fremantle not so long ago.  It is made by Wendy Binks under the “Stunned Emu Designs” brand. Wendy is a well-known artist and author based in Fremantle, Western Australia.  She specialises in quirky and distinctive Australian animal designs but we liked this bowl for its simplicity.

In my kitchen:

are Werner Wurst (Simon Sausage) and Willi Wellfleisch (Peter Porkbelly), salt and pepper shakers from Adam and Ziege’s Goebel Collection. They were a gift from our friend, Gerlinde, from Berlin.  They are soo cute.  My friend, Sandra, who collects pigs, has been eyeing them off.  If they ever disappear, I know where to look for them. 

In my kitchen:

was a very dirty boy called Jules until I shooed him out.  Jules has a strange habit of digging with his nose.  We buy our dogs dried pigs’ ears.  Jules eats his and then pinches the girls’ and buries them in the garden for later on.  Later on is often only a minute or two because, above all else, Jules loves eating.

If you are interested in checking out what is in other bloggers’ kitchens, visit Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  Celia hosts each month’s In My Kitchen.

Why don’t you tell us what is in your kitchen this month?


25 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – June 2012

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  2. Jamie Oliver has a pomegranate drink in his “Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals book”
    ice cubes
    a few sprigs of fresh mint
    1/2 a lemon
    1 pomegranate
    1 bottle of sparkling water
    Just in case you have any left!!!!

  3. Damn! That’s enough olive oil to swim in. Is there anything you don’t make from the fat of your land? I’ll bet you’ll be making your own vodka soon. Hey, did you consider pomegranate wine?

    • Hi Doc
      Our neighbour makes schnapps with our grapes so he would probably know how to make vodka but he is away on holidays ….

      Pomegranate wine …. tell me more …

  4. Wow Glenda this all looks very impressive! Love the bread paddles and the olive oil. I bought a device sold as a tortilla press last year…it looks very similar to yours. We have had mixed success with it!? Thanks for sharing all your goodies!

  5. Glenda- I’m almost speechless.
    Olive oil, pomegranates- even dried ones!- and chestnuts had me in wonder- but then the plethora of bread boards. Oh my!
    BTW- could you send me your address? You won the lily pad silicone cover over at my blog. My email is heidiannie _ Congratulations!

  6. Glenda, I love it, all of it! You are a kindred spirit to me. I harvested my 12 olives this year and preserved them! So I can understand how proud you are of your chestnuts. And the pomegranates and EVOO too! Awesome!

  7. Jules is a clever one, you made your own home made olive oil? Good for you 🙂 it was nice being in your kitchen

    • Hi Sponge, thanks for visiting.
      Jules has many tricks on how to pinch the girls’ food. We make our own olive oil each year which is a real money saver.

  8. Glenda, I adore your IMK posts! I’m so glad you join in – there is always such treasure in your kitchen! How kind of your husband to make you bread paddles! They’re absolutely beautiful. We use a huge metal one the size of a shovel! 🙂 And I’m so impressed by your olive oil – we’ve just bought some first run unsettled and unfiltered olive oil, and it looks exactly like that! The stuff we bought is actually made for immediate consumption, while it’s still green and cloudy.

    I saw a chapatti pan at Chefs Warehouse yesterday, and I’m thinking of buying it. It’s heavy weight but cheap, just $22, and pretty rustic. It’s for cooking the chapattis on the stove (actually, probably over an open flame), rather than making them.

    And your vodka sunrises were very pretty indeed! 🙂

    • Hi Celia and thankyou for hosting IMK each month, I so look forward to it. You always have wonderful things in your kitchen, too. Thanks for the vodka sunrise idea.

  9. You are so lucky with all the pomegranates, they are a heck of a price here. You’ve given me an idea for my IMK……it’s still May in Africa 🙂

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