Heritage is beautiful.  Its flower is close, for my taste, to perfection. If your tastes lend themselves to old world chiffon pink roses, this one is for you.

This rose if full of old world charm.  It has a delicate, shell-like beauty and delightful old world fragrance. The blooms are perfectly cupped with petals that crowd the centre of the bloom.

The bush has a slender growth pattern with virtually no thorns.

Heritage is one of David Austin’s earlier roses and one of his original English musks.  He introduced it in 1984.  Stirling Macoboy reports that David Austin has nominated Heritage as one of his all-time favourite English Roses.

I have four tall Heritage standards, alternating with four Radio Times, and both are, at least, three metres tall.  It flowers repeatedly from spring to early winter.

Heritage is extremely popular.   It is in every one of my rose books.

The one fault with Heritage (that none of the books note) is that it suffers from rust.  It is the only rose I have that gets rust and it gets it every year.  I have to spray it after pruning and several times in early spring.  Usually by summer, the rust is gone. It also suffers from black spot in spring.


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