I have a soft spot for Paradise and it is not because it is a beautiful rose.  It is because this is the rose that was the genesis for my rose garden.

My penchant is for old world, full flowered, soft pink roses.  I had been showing Maus some wonderful David Austins along this style and all she could manage was a “Yes, dear” look.  Then she saw Paradise and said, “I like roses like this”.  That was it!  Although I had had no intention of adding hybrid teas to my proposed bed, life is full of compromises.  “We can have roses like that,” I quickly responded and so my rose garden was born. 

I don’t know that she remembers the conversation but when I showed her the photo of Paradise, she said, “Now THAT is nice”.

In anyone’s language, Paradise is a beauty. It is perfect in form and its two-toned lilac and crimson colouring is magnificent.  Paradise produces elegant, long, pointed buds on long stems, perfect for the vase.

Paradise needs a warm climate to develop its beautiful colouring.   If it is too cool, the flowers don’t develop their full colour range.  In contrast, on extremely hot days, its young foliage and petal can burn.   It is, therefore, best in warm temperate climates. 

It is a tall, upright, healthy bush, growing to about 1.4 metres.  Its foliage is dark green and glossy.

Paradise was bred by Weeks and released in 1977.


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