Radox Bouquet

I am a pink girl .  Every since I was little, pink has been my favourite colour.  As a young teen, I painted my bedroom and all my furniture pink (much to my mother’s horror).  I also had pink curtains.

In the 70s, I  could be seen looking very dapper in my pink and purple coordinates.

As a consequence, pink roses are, hands down, my favourites.  I especially love soft pink old world roses.

Radox Bouquet is a Floribunda rose with old world charm. Its flowers are a soft clear pink with fragrant blooms.  The flowers come in small clusters.  It is repeat flowering and its bush has shiny healthy leaves.  My bush is 90cm high so it makes a great bedding rose.

It was raised by Jack Harkness in 1980 and released in 1981.

Stirling Macoboy, in his book Macoboy’s Roses, states that it is probably happiest in a cool climate but mine is doing just fine, nothwithstanding our hot dry summers.


2 thoughts on “Radox Bouquet

  1. Again, they look perfect!!! Obviously the hot summer isn’t harming your roses.
    You should wear pink it would suit you, you have dark hair and colouring like me. For my daughters hen’s day when she got married we all had to wear something pink. I wore a pink top and got no end of comments from all her friends, so pink is obviously our colour.

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