Scentimental is bi-coloured and, as its name suggests, a highly perfumed rose.  Notwithstanding that, I am not a great fan.  It came highly recommended but, as with many things greatly anticipated, it has been disappointing. 

The catalogue indicates that it flowers freely and the bush is vigorous.  Unfortunately, I have not found it so.  Maybe it is a rose that needs a little more attention than mine gets. 

My bush has a great flush in spring and again in autumn but, between those times, it is a sporadic bloomer.  It does have a beautiful perfume; then again, so do a lot of roses and I find the colour a little too gawdy.  The catalogue also suggests that some blooms will be burgundy swirled with cream and others white splashed with red.  The above photo is indicative of the flowers on my bush – essentially, deep crimson pink and white striped and my bush is not particularly robust. 

The flower does present a startling visual impact that would be an excellent addition for a collector of bicoloureds or those who only have space for perfumed roses.   However, for those with just one bed and, hence, room for a select few, I do not think there would be room for Scentimental. 

Scentimental is a cluster-flowered Floribunda rose.


4 thoughts on “Scentimental

  1. I reckon it looks pretty specky wouldn’t mind it in my garden. How come you can neglect your garden and they still look great?

    • Hi Gail, It looks pretty good to me too but I thought ‘they can’t all be my favourites’ so I was trying to be discerning.

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