The colour of Angelique will stop you in your tracks.  It is usually described in the catalogues as bright vermillion – I would call it bright orange.  It is not a colour that I would normally appreciate but the colour is so bright, so startling and so pure, that it demands attention and, therefore, could not be forsaken when spotted in the nursery.   In my apricot bed, it acts as a perfect contrast. 

Not much is written about Angelique in my catalogues and rose books except that it is bushy rather than tall, and is a consistent bloomer.   My plant is healthy, disease resistant and does flower consistently throughout the season.

It is also noted for its bloom form and swirling centre.

Angelique is a Hybrid Tea rose.  It was intoduced by Kordes in 1985. 



2 thoughts on “Angelique

  1. Oh, what a color! That’s really striking. Very Nice – and I can tell by their healthy look that you take good care of them.

    Supposedly, we have perfect climate for roses – Portland, Oregon (not too far away) is called the Rose City, and they do have beautiful rose gardens – but we also have lots and lots of rain, which brings out all kinds of rose diseases, and we have roaming deer, that absolutely love to eat roses – flowers mostly, but if they’re hungry, they’ll eat the whole plant down to the ground!

    But I do have one protected climbing rose on our deck, a New Dawn, which we got to pair with a purple clematis – they both climb up and over a large pergola over the house side of the deck – would be a better effect if the clematis hadn’t decided to be more of a bush than a vine!

    • Hi Doc. I love New Dawn. I have one planted against my water tank. Originally, we had it on the back fence but our neighbours had a terrible habit of spraying it with weed killer (and that is one thing roses do not like) so I moved it.

      We don’t have any troubles with deer here but kangaroos can be equally destructive if you live in the country.

      A hot dry summer is one thing roses love and we have it in abundance.

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