I was walking around my rose garden the other day looking for photo opportunities (as you do when you have a blog) and this beautiful bloom jumped out at me.  There were several blooms on the bush but no buds.

Most (all) roses have beautiful buds but quite often the rose in full bloom can be a little disappointing.  This bloom is a beauty. It has perfect formal form, is massive, it still looks as good as when I picked it (Friday) and it has withstood a 3 hour car trip to boot.  The flowers are produced on long stems. 

Given the above, Sunstruck is a great cut flower.

Sunstruck is a Hybrid Tea rose.  It is a golden rose with a fan of orange on the underside of the petals, hence its name.  The colour is reportedly more intense on a cool day which may explain this magnificently coloured bloom.

Sunstruck was introduced in 2006 by Tom Carruth.


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