Goldmarie 82

What’s in a name?  At first I was confused.  I could only find Goldmarie 84 in my rose book which claimed that it was synonymous with Goldmarie BUT so did the label for my Goldmarie 82.  I then read that Goldmarie was bred in 1982 and released in 1984 and the registered name is Goldmarie 82.

Goldmarie 82 is a Floribunda rose.  It was introduced by Kordes in 1984.  It flowers in large clusters.

Goldmarie 82 is supposed to be canary yellow with a touch of red on the edges, though there is virtually no touch on mine.  You can see a bit of red on the underside of the bottom petal in the photo below.  I picked these flowers on a very hot day so I am thinking maybe in spring or late autumn when the days are cooler, there may be more of a red tinge but I don’t remember seeing any, just perfect hot canary yellow.

I have a bed of pink roses and one of apricot, how this beauty made it into my apricot bed, I don’t know, but I don’t regret it.

My bush is very healthy.   It has attractive, glossy, disease resistant foliage.  It is about a metre tall. I would highly recommend this rose.  The colour is startling, the bush is compact and the foliage abundant.


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