Hot Cocoa

I chose Hot Cocoa because of its unusual colour.  It is unique in that regard.  The catalogues describe it as smoky chocolate orange or, alternatively, as deep rust.  I would go with a velvety brick red. 

I have a bed of apricot roses and I have planted it in that bed as the earthy brown/rust overtones blend in perfectly with the apricots.  Whatever description you use, it is a lovely coloured rose.

Hot Cocoa is a floribunda rose, released in 2003.  The bush is quite short (mine is about 90cm tall) with healthy, glossy leaves and is disease resistant.

It is a prolific repeat bloomer.

When looking up Hot Cocoa in my books, I found it under the heading:  Plant in groups for effect, rapid reblooming with exceptional bush performance and colour range.  That sums it up, really.


2 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa

    • Hi Celia
      Thanks for reading. I was trying to think of a better description than in the catalogues but couldn’t. It certainly is on the brown side of red and does work in well with the apricots (which red wouldn’t).

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