Radio Times

Years ago, when I didn’t know much about roses – I still don’t really –  I asked my colleague, Tiffany,  to choose 2 David Austin roses for me as I wanted a row of 8 standards along the front of my garden.  She chose Heritage and Radio Times.  She chose well.  The standards are easily 3 metres high and make a striking statement from spring until autumn.  Radio Times is the stronger and  bolder of the 2.

David Austin advises that Radio Times grows well in warm dry climates.  I can vouch for that.  In Perth, where the weather is usually hot and dry throughout summer, it thrives.  It is virtually disease free being susceptible only to a small amount of black spot in spring – but certainly nothing to worry about.

Radio Times is a prolific flowerer. It flowers in Perth and in the south-west  from October to June.   The blooms are rosette shaped and a clear, rich pink.

Radio Times’ only down fall – and it is a major one – is that it is prickly as all hell.  Be warned, if you want to pick a flower for your vase, it is sure to make you pay a price.  Come pruning time, one is well advised to wear gloves and protective clothing  and still the strong thorns are sure to get you.


2 thoughts on “Radio Times

    • Hi Chris, thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes Radio Times is a beauty. I have lots and lots of David Austins and Radio Times is one of the better ones.

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