Julia’s Rose

Julia’s Rose is my favourite ….. no, to say it is my favourite rose it too big a call.

To say Julia’s Rose is my favourite Hybrid Tea may also be too big a call but it is, indisputably, my favourite coloured rose.  It is magnificent.  It is truly cafe au lait.

Rose books warn that Julia’s Rose is only for rose enthusiasts as it is susceptible to disease and isn’t particularly strong. But it would be a hard heart which did not forgive it for these failings once they had seen the bloom.

My Julia’s Rose does not get any more attention than my other roses.  They have a hard life with one watering a fortnight yet it is still there flowering in March.  The bush is not particularly tall or dense and I am sure it would be happier with a little more pampering … but wouldn’t we all?


14 thoughts on “Julia’s Rose

  1. I planted Julia’s rose last August ( Sydney) it’s pretty enough but quite overwhelmed by princess Monaco and Kardinal u fortunately .the petal count isn’t much , doesn’t bloom so much but haven’t had diseases or pests which is good! Might look better with blooms less striking than the ones I e planted it with….

  2. I’ve not seen this rose, nor anything like it, around here. Believe me, Glenda, I’d remember. Easy to see why it’s (not) your favorite. That it remains in your garden is a testament to the care you shower upon it.

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  4. I have both in my garden and you’re right I never noticed but Angel Face is much smaller than the other roses who Gary same attention.
    I just love Julia’s Rose its a standard and very pretty.

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  6. J’ai obtenu hier ce rosier dont la couleur de fleurs est indiscriptible et un peu similaire a la couleur du the au lait. Sans parfum malgre le port elegant, c’est reelement dommage !

    • Bonjour Isabelle, thanks for commenting. I hope you enjoy your rose as much as I enjoy mine. I agree it is a pity it doesn’t have a strong perfume.

  7. I’d forgotten the name of it but we bought a Julia’s Rose at the Balingup field day a couple of years ago, having been suprised by the colour – cafe au lait is a good description. The buds and blooms are perfect and the graduation of colour is beautiful. Not prolific but worth it!

    • Hi Steve
      Yes, it is a beauty – the bush is not strong and it is more than a little susceptible to black spot, but it is worth it. I just love the colour.

  8. It is truly lovely! Does it smell as good as it looks?
    I love seeing roses whilst I’m sitting here watching the snow come down!

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