In My Kitchen – March 2012

Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial does  a monthly post of what’s in her kitchen.  She invites other bloggers to join her.  So today is my first ‘What’s in my Kitchen’.  Celia’s blog is fantastic.  I have been reading it for at least a year.  Check it out at:  Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

In my kitchen is:

my new tool box.  With 2 houses, we were finding it expensive buying 2 of everything, then Maus came up with the idea of getting a toolbox for those things I only had one of.  It is brilliant.  We now take it back and forth.

In my kitchen are:

the new shelves that Maus made.  The shelves in the pantry were about 40cms apart which wasted too much space so … instructions were given …. and now I have 4 new shelves.  They are so good.  Just the right height to fit jars and cans and not so deep that you lose things at the back.

In my kitchen are:

my new dividers for my utensils drawer.  The utensils drawer had a commercial divider but it didn’t fit properly.  This one has been custom made to accommodate everything I wanted and was made to fit.  Maus’ handiwork, not mine.

In my kitchen is:

my Thermapen.  I just love it.  I was really sick of unreliable kitchen thermometers so I got on the internet one day and researched them.  The consensus of opinion was that Thermapen was the best.  I concur – it is so accurate.  I love it.

In my kitchens is:

my falafel maker.  It was a Christmas present from dear Maus who traipsed all over Perth for it.  She couldn’t  find one, so she ordered it in.  She assures me that she did not know the quality (or lack of) when she ordered it.  I’ve yet to use it so it may end up being more useful than it looks.  If anyone knows where I could buy a quality falafel maker, I would love to know.

In my kitchen is:

a ravioli former.  I bought it the other day.  It looked so wonderful, I couldn’t resist.  I am going to have to get into making my own pasta and make some ravioli to justify the purchase.  I have been saying for ages that I will start making pasta when I have a source of good quality, cheap eggs.  Sounds like little chickens calling.

In my kitchen is:

another new purchase – a lattice cutter.  I saw it at Kitchen Warehouse and just had to have it. I will definitely be using it the next time I make a tart.

In my kitchen are:

my tiny spoon measures that I bought in New York ages ago.  I had not used them until the other day when I needed to measure my yoghurt starter.  A smidgen was called for. I dug deep, deep into my drawers and there they were.

So what is in your kitchen?


23 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – March 2012

  1. Love your website. Just stumbled into it when looking for a cataplana! Had been unsuccessful so far. Bought a vintage one, clamp was loose, went to Wm Sonoma , but they no longer carry the metalutil brand, had a DAVY one, flimsy, clamp was again loose, so I googled, ordered a flat bottom gourmet ( bulging side) one from Portugal, ( copper by LUSIAN). The shipping cost was just as much as the cataplana but alas! It was defective. They explained that all cataplanas eventually will have loose clamps, fix it with a pair of pliers but that did not work! The 2 clams halves are not even aligned. So, they are now advising me to return it for them to fix as inadvertently, wrong clamps may have been installed! DOES YOURS COME LOOSE? Any way, I am looking forward to your blogs, live in USA, but am an amateur chef, loves gardening ( only ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees) . Would like to start planting garlic, as I love those. Hope y ou can answer. I found out that the leaves of the snow peas are even more delicious than the snow peas itself. I salute them in lots of garlic and olive oil, toss them around with tongs to coat them with as much olive oil as possible, then add soy sauce, splash of apple cider vinegar, some red chili flakes, freshly ground pepper and salt to taste, then close the lid for the leaves to wilt for a few minutes, serve it with rice and whatever. !!!

    • Hi Cristina. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Our cataplana is made of copper and, I must admit, we have never used it – it is more of an ornament. When we were in Portugal our host advised us that the best ones for cooking were stainless steel with thick bases. It is common sense really – a thick based pot is always better than a thin one.

      • I ordered 2 more , ( a smaller 27 cm and a 35 cm ) hand hammered and 100% man made. It has not been completed. Hoping it will be made by next week. In the meantime, the 33 cm gourmet flat bottom model has to be fixed. The company offered to send me the other 2 , without shipping charge but I have to fix the 33 cm one. They are sending me extra clips for that. I have to bring it to a jeweler or a locksmith per their advise. Hope I can sell that on EBAY and recoup my cost. The smaller one is for personal use with my son, the bigger one I need when we have company. I found the 33 cm not big enough for 1 pound of shrimp, 2 firm bodied fish fillets, 2 large flowered squids, with a bag each of musels and little neck clams. It was full to the brim , but ideally, should only be 3/4 full. Although it took longer to steam bec the clamps were not tight, the sea food did come out fantastic, with just a cup of white wine, some garlic, shallot and tomatoes and sausage sauteed. You should try it. With garlic bread, lemon and parsley prior to serving, it is wonderful. I flowered the squids( criss cross on the inner side, blanched them till they curled up, cooked my shrimp and the squid about 75% cooked with chipotle adobo sauce and tons of garlic as I did not want them to be overcooked and tough. I took 15 min of medium low heat for the class and mussels to open up , and once that did, i dropped in my precooked squid and shrimp.

        Hope u will not just use the cataplana for decoration . It really is very fast to cook with .

          • I do not think you made a mistake
            copper cooks much faster, needs lower temp to cook.
            only problem is the workmanship, that the clasp closes tight.
            There are many SS ones on sale in the US by restaurant supply place. LUISAN also makes SS ones but their advise is that thought it is sturdier, the taste does out different!
            Wel, I do not know, but my dish surely came out fantastic!
            Try it, I cooked mine on the 33 cm twice, there was no tarnish. Just be sure that you remove the varnish if there is varnish applied, and after you cook, wash with warm soap and water, dry it well so there will be no water spots. Recommendation is to use lemon juice and salt if there is stains, not to use metal but rubber to stir because of the tin. We like very spicy food, so, I partially precook my shrimp and octopus my wok with lots of garlic, chipotle and adobo sauce, because if do not like the clams and mussels to have that chipotle adobo taste. Steamed the shellfish for 12-15 minutes15 first time but only 12 in second time bec i placed a bacon press on top since the clamps were not tight) ,opened the cataplana ,add the shrimps and octopus and it was fantastic !

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  3. What a lovely blog post! Spookily I got a falafel maker the other day, an all metal one, but am yet to use it, still eating up all the falafel we made a couple of weeks back. I have heard lots of people say the Thermapen is great so it is going on my list for when my cheapie one gives up the ghost and I am looking forward to reading about your ravioli one day – never made that yet 🙂

    • Hi
      Thanks for commenting. Those drawer dividers have been very popular, they are now on many a wish list. I may have caused a bit of a storm.

      I know about the 5x spoon measures. I am a little envious that I have just the 3, but since I have only used mine once, I really can’t justify putting them on any wish list.

  4. I am going to show Himself your drawer dividers when he gets home, such a good idea. I love the ravioli former and I’ve made a note re the Thermapen, my thermometer is old and useless!

    • Sue – the divider is great. Because of the size of the drawer no commercial one would fit so it was a matter of make one or have all the cutlery tossed in together. You won’t be sorry if you get a Thermapen. They tell the correct temperature in seconds.

  5. I’m also on the hunt for a good digital thermometer. I currently use a meat thermometer for the purpose and I’d like something like your Thermapen. One day, maybe for a birthday gift. 🙂

  6. Hi there, I don’t think I have ever seen a falafel maker either, and I co-owned a cookware store for 10 years! Love the lattice cutter, I want me one of those! Nice to see your kitchen, see you again soon!

    • Hi Lizzy – Thanks for stopping by.
      The falafel maker was a gift, but now I have it, I am on the look out for a better quality one. It is good to have a treasure to hunt for.

  7. Congratulations on your new blog! And thank you for your kind words, and for playing along – it’s lovely to see what’s in your kitchen this month! I agree that it’s lovely to have shelves custom built to our storage requirements – Pete did that when he built out kitchen a decade ago, and we can now fit so much more in! Your Thermapen looks wonderful – I will look out for it when my digital stick thermometer finally gives up the ghost. And such interesting tools you have – I’ve never seen a falafel maker, and I’ve always wanted a lattice cutter, but could never justify it! 🙂

    • Thanks Celia
      I really recommend the Thermapen. There is an Australian distributor too which is great. My falafel maker is very sad but it was the thought that counted.

  8. you are a gadget person! Me, too!
    I fight with myself Not to buy new gadgets but it is so hard!
    I love these posts- it is great to see so many similarities world wide- !
    Thanks for a peek into your kitchen!

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