Cecile Brunner

There are so many beautiful roses so you can imagine the difficulty I had choosing a rose to be the very first ‘Rose of the Week’.  Then I walked passed my poor old neglected climbing Cecile Brunner, saw one gallant bud and the decision was made.

Cecile Brunner is an Old World Garden rose.  It flowers with abundance in spring and then sporadically thoughout summer.  The bush is vigorous.  Mine is planted against a rain water tank.  It is neither watered nor fertilised.  It gets pruned right back in winter and, in summer, towers over the tank. In spring, it is lovely.

I have often said that the Cecile Brunner bud is my favourite rose bud.  It is perfect, if tiny (these photos were taken on super macro).  One could easily walk past the bush and not notice the parcel of perfection each little bud offers.

The flower is complex, a little untidy and small.


2 thoughts on “Cecile Brunner

  1. I also love the Cecile Brunner rose. My parents had a wonderful big shrub outside their bedroom window, and when I was young I used to pick a handful of buds, along with lavender and other cottagey flowers to make two posies which I put into two tiny speckled blue vases for their bedside tables – that was over forty years ago. I’ve just bought two Climbing Cecile Brunner rose bushes which I hope will grow with the same abandon as that bush I loved as a child.

    • Hi Stephanie. I am sure they will. Mine is growing in solid clay, is never watered and each year it reaches at least 3 metres. I adore the little buds too!

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