The recalcitrant mower and the meaning of life


See the torn belt on the cutting deck?

This photo is for Robyn.  She asked for a photo of our baby.

Although this post is going to sound like a rant, I want to say at the outset, “I like my mower”.  We could have bought a nice car with what this guy has cost us but we bought a mower and would again.  Why?  Because this mower and the woes it presents are part of the life we have chosen.

As I mentioned in my last post, our mower has recently been at the repair shop.

The steering was sticking and we decided to try out the repair man in the next town.  When we rang, we asked whether we should stop using the mower as we didn’t want to cause any more damage.  We were advised that it was probably the bearings so no damage could be done.  Within 5 minutes of resuming mowing, there was an almighty ping and the steering cable snapped and we couldn’t steer it at all.  As it was going into the repair shop, we also decided to have the mower serviced.

This is the third time our mower has been in for repairs this season (and the mowing season has just begun).  The first time was because we noticed the frame of the cutting deck was broken and needed welding.  Then, when we were putting the deck back on, we noticed a part on the actual mower had snapped and that needed welding too.

Anyway, back to the current repairs.  It appears another bit had snapped (which coincidently) needed welding and that bit was catching the steering cable and eventually broke it.  We were also told that the belt that turned the blades was for a different model (as was the air filter) and had to be replaced and the blades had been sharpened incorrectly and so they also had to be replaced.  Ok … so be it.

Anyway, as you all know, when we got it home and started to mow, another belt snapped.  I was furious.  Logically, there could only have been two reasons.  It was going to snap and the repair man should have replaced it when he serviced the mower or it was a perfectly good belt and he did something to make it snap.

Maus rang them and they assured her that it was not the belt they replaced and neither of my proposed scenarios could be right but, as luck would have it, they had a replacement belt.  We had a choice: we could come in and buy the belt and fit it ourselves or bring the mower back for them to fit it.

Maus and I decided we would fit the belt ourselves.  First step was to take the existing belt off.  We tried and tried but could not do it.  We read this line from the manual over and over again but could not see how it would come off.

Take off the front belt from the centre pulley and remove the belt.

Seems simple enough but, we had to admit, we couldn’t do it (there was a bloody spring that had to be released but that was not mentioned in the manual).  Then the saga of taking the mower back began.  Maus had to organise some ramps from the guy who lent them to us before and she had to hire another trailer.

So what was the explanation for the broken belt?  You are going to love it.

Now that they have replaced the wrong belt (that worked fine) with the right belt, the mover is now working extremely efficiently and, therefore, it can’t be put under any stress.  If it struggles, it will destroy perfectly good belts.  So, it was all our fault for doing exactly what we normally do – mow the grass.

Because I wanted this post to have a happy ending, we haven’t tried to do any mowing since the new belt was fitted.  I am sure it is going to be perfect🙂

The mower saga led to the consumption of more wine and for us to discuss the meaning of life more keenly than usual.  We probably could have gone to Bali for a week with what we have paid for that mower in the last month.  And this situation is not unusual.  If it is not the mower breaking down, it is sure to be something else.

I often say to Maus, we could live in a nice house in Perth and go to restaurants and the movies and plays and travel rather than spend our time mowing and brushcutting and spraying and pruning and weeding and cooking and preserving, etc.  But we don’t want to go to restaurants, etc.  It is strange why we all take different routes.  We would much rather spend our time on that never-ending list of jobs than live an easy life.  And because of that, the mower saga is part of our life.

We all make decisions that mean our life is harder but it is also, most likely, richer.

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Soap for sale


Hello, everyone.

I have added a new menu item, underneath my banner, entitled Soap for Sale.  This is just to let people who are interested know what soap I have available.

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love Glenda